Vintage Indiana Jones Toht

Beauregard Berry was always a weakling. People say he had to be cut out of his mother because he wasn't strong enough to move on his own. One thing is for certain, what he lacks in brawn, he makes up in brains. Always conniving, and always crafty, Beauregard spent a lot of time working the one muscle that he knew was better than everyone else's. His mind. Because of this, he was always seen lurking in libraries, and inside his own home. He never got out, and his skin took on a pasty complexion. The neighborhood kids took to calling him "Boo" since he never seemed like he was ever there. Just a pale ghost.

Then his younger brother Frank was born. How he hated Frank for being better at everything people cared about. No matter what Beauregard did to distinguish himself, people only cared what Frank was doing. He never let on how much he hated his brother, though. he was smart enough to know he could use him. He approached Frank about being his agent, and Frank agreed that he would love for his big brother to take care of him. A deal was struck, though not the one Frank envisioned. Beauregard stole from Frank relentlessly and mismanaged Frank's finances to his own gain. Beauregard even made business relations with two twin hotshot execs from Extensive Enterprises to ensure his financial gain. After awhile Beauregard was approached by a mysterious figure offering something that would help Frank be even better than he already was. Seeing only the dollar signs, he jumped on this offer from this mysterious Count Chocula, and convinced his brother that it was the best thing for him. That turned out to be the wrong thing for both of them. When Frank started taking the drug, he became prone to mindless rages, and it was in one of those that Frank beat Beauregard savagely. Near death, the Count approached him and offered him a choice. "You can either die, or choose to serve me forever." With those options, it was no wonder that the coward chose to live up to the moniker Boo, and take on his new life as a spectral servant to the Count.

// Thanks to KilCarr for the Bio help!

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