Figure: Retaliation Firefly
Helmet, Gun: Star Wars
Bazooka, Pack: Covergirl
Hat: Indiana Jones
Poncho: Star Wars
Vehicle: Armored Scout Skiff (Ridiculously Awesome Vehicles GP)

Bazooka John, AKA The ZombieGuide, provides advanced recon for NOVA Corps, an outer-rim salvage operation.

His mission is to find trashed or wrecked vehicles with his Armored Scout Skiff, and report back to NOVA control. Then, while the rest of the team goes about their salvaging job, B.J. in the A.S.S. provides surveillance and covering fire when needed. The local 'shufflers' usually aren't armed, nor do they put up much of a resistance to the superior firepower of the A.S.S., earning the nickname 'Zombies.'

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