Head - Scifi v1 modified
Torso - Scifi v1 modified
Arms - Mace v1 modified
Waist - custom made (with epoxy)
Upper legs - Grunt v1
Lower legs - Power Commandos

Knife - custom made

To make the Cobra Mortal I did:

Head I shaved everything and only left the part of the face ... and then I did the glasses

Torso - shaved all the details and made of epoxy and symbol pntado

Arms - slightly changed hands and forearm

Waist - did interamente epoxy

Legs just painted

I tried to do as the filecard convention ... he is strong and to see your face shape
inspired by

head - Scifi v1 modified
torso - scifi v1 modified
arms - mace v1 modified
waist - custom made (with epoxy)
upper legs - grunt v1
lower legs - power commandos

knife - custom made

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