Head - RAH M. Bison cut and Drilled
Arms - MU Iron Man Hulk Buster
Torso - ROC Cobra Commander
Upper Legs - Serpentor
Lower Legs - Viper

With Major Bludd not taking to his new body so well, a new Field Marshal was required. And since the Red Shadows where defeated, the Black Major had sprung up from time to time in countries here and there, building up inventory to rebuild a legion. But he had lost his thirst. With money and power the Commander convinced him to join. Now he has the strength and will (thanks to the mechanical prostheses and a cybernetic implant in his brain) to lead the ground forces into battle. As cunning as he always was, he figures the best way to wipe out the Joes is to eliminate the teachers. Tough as he was Beachhead didn't stand a chance, nor did the 30 recruits left for dead as well.

My Joe verse pretty much sprang from lack of imagination. I wanted to create some cool customs but, had no background for them. It felt kind of empty without a story. So I gave them one. I enjoyed making these and have run out of ideas. I have some new Joes in mind for the new war but haven't completed them yet.

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