HEAD: 25th Steeler
BODY: Renegades Duke
__ Custom .308 AR Rifle: Spytroops-era M16 with masterkey shotgun and carrying handle removed, red dot sight made from cut down scope for the TRU Cobra Infantry Forces PSG rifle.
__ ACOG scope (right thigh) from cut town Rex "The Doctor" Lewis pistol. (Originally, this was going to be attached to a second, similar rifle)
__ Shemagh from Renegades Tunnel Rat
__ Tactical Vest from Renegades Night Fox
__ Goggles from POC Arctic Destro

CODE NAME: Charger
FILE NAME: Breau-Maguire, Dominic W.
GRADE: E5 (Petty Officer, 2nd Class)

"Charger served in Iraq, Afghanistan and a number of classified locations with SEAL Teams Ten and Six and a DEVGRU Red Cell team prior to joining the 'Joe SEAL element (SEAL Team Sigma).

The way he tells it, he was always the All-American golden boy growing up - an Eagle Scout, amateur mechanic, musician, honor student and the goalie for his high school hockey team. He walked away from a hockey scholarship to join the SEALs because he wanted to challenge himself and thought he could do more good in this world that way.

In the 'Teams, especially in Red Cell, he embraced the opportunity to learn traditionally criminal skills like pick pocketing, picking locks, basic hacking and hot-wiring cars with an almost creepy gusto - like the repressed, evil side of his personality suddenly was unleashed. He's become a dirtbag of the finest caliber, capable of gaining access to even the most secure facilities through a mix of stealth and exploitation.

He's a cool guy, quiet but very confident and well grounded. A great soldier and an even greater human being, despite his roguish specialties. In his downtime, he can usually be found in his garage, tinkering with his old '55 Chevy Task Force, listening to Hank Williams, Dick Curless or Reverend Horton Heat or mentoring at risk kids at the local Youth Center. He's had a long, complicated relationship with the same woman (a bartender at his favorite dive bar) for over a decade now. They're on good terms right now, but she's been known to throw shoes and pint glasses at us when they're not, so the less I say, the better. She throws things at Shipwreck, regardless of how their relationship is doing, but can you really blame her?" - Lt. Falcon

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