Body and Head: Super Articulated GI Joe
Bodysuit and Shield: Captain Action Captain America Uniform Set
Jacket: Gearbox Toys B24 Pilot
Helmet: Cotswold Collectables Helmet with "A" decal
Web Gear and Boots: Cotswold Collectables
Tommy Gun and Pants: 21st Century Toys

One of my favorite parts of the film "Captain America: The First Avenger" is when Steve Rogers goes behind enemy lines to rescue Bucky and the rest of his company from Hydra. When Round 2 Toys released the Captain Action Captain America set with Cap's original shield, I knew I had a great place to start. After dressing a Super Articulated GI Joe in Cap's body suit, it was pretty easy to find the other pieces of his uniform from WWII uniforms I already had, and the end result came pretty close to what he wore in the movie!

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