Storm Shadow v44 hood
Sgt. Airborne v3 head
Storm Shadow v48 body
Nick Fury belt
Storm Shadow v34 gauntlet
POTC sword cut down for the hidden blade.

Thanks to pluv, I used a Magic Eraser to remove the Cobra logo. Other than that, I trimmed down the fist guard for the gauntlet.

Bio: The Assassin Abbas Abdul-Nur Amin lives the proud and secretive tradition of the Assassin's Guild. Working from the shadows, he ensures that people never know the true evils that lurk just below the surface, and all around them.

About: I've been a big fan of the Assassins Creed property for a few years, and this is my vision of a modern iteration of the Assassin's gear. In my usual fashion, it's an LBC.

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