Head: BrokenArrow Custom Head (Took a really really long time to ship, by the way)
Rest of the Figure: WORMS 1987

RPG: Guru-Planet
Gun: Viper 1994
Sword: POC Cobra Commander 2011
Scabbard: Built from a coffee stirrer and that terrible purple Iron Grenadier's sheath from 2008
Backpack: Crimson Guard Immortal 1991
Helmet: Swamp Rat 2005

I know that I have made a figure that is almost an exact copy of one that has already been produced, but I like it anyways. I did give him a few additions that I think really work.

I liked the concept that the Club had for General Mayhem because I really like bolstering the ranks of the Iron Grenadiers with more officers, but I disliked the modified Gnawgahyde head and high secondary market prices. So I decided to make my own out of a beat up WORMS figure that I had lying around. BrokenArrow had a Gnawgahyde head that looked perfect for Mayhem. I added some GeenStuff to the neck because it was really, really skinny. I think the colors that I used work a little more than the Club's, and I added a D-ring Hilt saber to his arsenal and built a scabbard for it, too.
I was really happy with the way the paint ended up on his head sculpt.

In my verse, Mayhem has had his eyes cybernetically enhanced to link up to his helmet.

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