Head: NS Baroness
Upper body and arms: SW Barriss Offee
Lower torso and legs: '97 SW Captive Leia


Based on the early Marvel/Sunbow design. Hasbro has come close to capturing the color scheme's feel of this design, with one of the NS Baroness figures as well as the '08 25A version. But they haven't done a version faithful in terms of the sculpting. The Baroness' uniform constantly changed in the early Marvel issues, so I picked the elements I liked: padded collar/neck, long boots/gloves, and yellow leg stripes. The NS Baroness head is not as well sculpted as some of the newer modern era versions, but it happened to fit the best with the rest of the parts.

Color & Paints:

Taken from the comic/cartoon, but painted in a more "real world" approach. The yellow in the comic book was a bit too harsh as a straight color, so I went with the less vibrant French vanilla.

I've use a particular shade of blue spray paint for the base of most Cobra uniforms. The blue is very dark with just the slightest hint of slate/green in it. However, it would have made the Baroness look like a Judge Dredd character if used with the yellow shoulder padding, so I used a pure blue that was truer to the comic book.

The Baroness head came fairly well factory painted, but I painted the lips a darker red and painted the earring.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I removed the Barriss Offee head to replace it with the Baroness one. I joined the upper and lower body halves together, sculpting much of the lower abdomen. I sculpted the padded areas and holster. I wasn't able to get the lines on the padded areas to make perfect grids, which actually makes them look more realistic.

Once I started working on the boots, I discovered that the figure was actually sculpted with one leg substantially longer than the other. It was a frustrating thing to notice, but I worked with what was there and tried to make the boots look right. The arms, which aren't even from the same figure, were also sculpted at different lengths.

Thanks for looking.

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