HEAD: Retaliation GI JOE Trooper
BODY: Retaliation Mouse

ROC Desert Ambush Duke Helmet
Retaliation Lady Jaye FN SCAR
Resolute Duke vest

FILE NAME: Tadur, Ronald W.
SECONDARY MILITARY SPECIALTY: Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Maintenance
BIRTHPLACE: Las Vegas, Nevada

Born and raised on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Dusty spent most of his free time exploring the Mojave Desert. He never understood the appeal of the bright lights, animatronic statues, glammed-out tiger trainers, aging singers and fake volcanos when there was so much natural beauty, adventure and challenge so close by.

After two years of studying desert ecology at night school while working as an HVAC repair specialist, Dusty decided to join the army. He breezed through basic at Fort Bliss before heading off to Ranger School and then Special Forces. He has multiple tours of Afghanistan and Iraq under his belt and has spent time training with the Israelis and the British SAS. He is an expert tracker and survivalist and is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and French and also speaks Dari, Pashto, and Kazakh. Because of his expertise, he is the 'Joe teams default team leader on desert missions.

Dusty and Sneak-Peak went through Special Forces school together and have been close friends ever since. Never much one for the trappings of civilization, he spends a lot of his time off-duty dirt biking, hiking and camping in the Mojave and Sonora deserts with Sneak Peak and Outback.

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