Head: Zartan '93 + Sonya Blade '95 hair
Torso: Wildcard '88
Arms: Wildcard '88
Waist: Dojo '92
Upper legs: Dojo '92
Lower legs: Wild Bill '92

Tomahawks: Warhammer axe blade + toothpick

I couldn't think of any interesting cowboy for the NJC #72 so I started searching for someone Native American. I remembered Nightwolf from playing MK3. He'd fit in so he became my next custom project. The hair was a problem at first, but finding Sonya Blade in my fodder bin really was a gift. I sculpted the feathers with Greenstuff.
Repainted Zartan's face paint, but man that was one heck of a detailing job. I must say, the result is OK.
Modified the edges of 's torso and made some....ehm.... I don't know what these "laces" are actually called on cowboy/indian vests, pants and boots.
The upper arms have added pieces of cloth, made from Greenstuff.
Made two tomahawks, one was covered in hot glue and painted bright green to get the energy tomahawk Nightwolf shows when he wins a battle in the game.

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