Body- Tomahawk
Head- Sandstorm, Poc Zartan
Helmet- 25th Airborne
Webgear- Retaliation Airborne

The only paint used was flat black to cover up the webgear and helmet, and insignia red and some grey to add highlights. The base body is reversed as far as the original color scheme is concerned, but I still think it is instantly recognizable as Night Force Crazylegs.

I made Crazylegs as part of a week long event I did by my lonesome called LBC week, where I either posted an old LBC that I had never submitted or made a new LBC the previous night.

This one fell together easier than any of the others, it required a little red paint, some flat back and that was it. I was very pleased with the end results, he fits right in next to the 2013 Nocturnal Fire box set.

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