Head: POTC Will Turner
Body, Arms, Jacket: IJ Mutt Williams
Legs: Wrestling Guy

Lance Sputnik, Sexy Gaucho, was intended to be one of 2013 G.I. Joe Collector's Club Convention 'mascots' for JoeCustoms alongside Shipface (Travelling Shipwreck.) Unfortunately, while doing some final packing and re-arranging, LS,SG, fell down between the seats and was considered Missing In Action for the entire convention. He was replaced by an even sexier LSSG created by HypnoHustler, and a disembodied monkey head, affectionately referred to as the F U Monkey. All of the awesome exploits can be found in the 'Shipfaced' forum on Joecustoms.com. Lance Sputnik, Sexy Gaucho, was recovered from between the seats while unpacking from the trip.

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