Head: In Toyz Swat balaclava display head
Torso: BAT
Arms: Big Ben
Waist: Cutter
Thighs: Lanard
Knees: Trip Wire
Boots: Pirates of the Carribean
Wrists: Clear plastic sprue from TRU Hydrofoil
Hands: ATOC Mace Windu
Chest Face: Dr Mindbender
Hologram: Star Wars hologram pack in
Control modules: Light sabre handles

This was done for one of Beav's special custom challenges. This was a Victorian mustache challenge. While I don't think it exactly fits the criteria for that challenge, I certainly love the results.

The idea was that Dr Mindbender was attempting to create his own sort of magic mirror, but using his own personality matrix as the artificial intelligence, something went crazy wrong, and he ended up with an android that could predict the future. And the future it projected was a glorious one:

This was, in effect, the first Operation: Mindcrime custom.

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