Hard Master head, blindfold, scroll, and sword
Storm Shadow v44 body, belt, and sash
Snake Eyes v38 katana-kake and sword
Red Ninja v5 Sugegasa
White fox from Cap

Kenshi was an accomplished swordsman and spiritualist when he lost his sight in a duel. Humbled by this, he tied down his sword and took up the staff. Focusing inward, he became more in tune with the mystic natural energy around him and has developed his hearing to the point where sight is unnecessary. He has devoted his life to wandering and seeking knowledge. Only resorting to violence when there is no option left. His companion is a white Kitsune. Kenshi does not realize this yet, but he has been chosen for a higher calling, and the Kitsune acts as his companion and ward against evil.

I've always had a love for David Carradine's Kung-Fu, Zatoichi, pretty much any Martial Arts cinema, and the idea of a blind martial artist has always tripped my trigger. So last night I just kinda put this together, and fell in love. I had been waiting for the right moment to use that fox from Cap, and I feel like this is it.

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