Head: Super Hero Showdown Colussus
Body: RET Roadblock
Gauntlets: 25th Destro
Missiles: 25th Major Bludd
Gun: Robocop's Gun
Case: ROC Cobra Commander

Mostly RET W2 Roadblock. The head is Marvel Super Hero Showdown Colossus, modified. The gauntlets are 25th Destro. The missiles are 25th Major Bludd. I used magnets on a couple of things, the missiles are held in place with magnets. The gauntlets have little metal pieces to attach, The head is also attached with magnets. It helped with the range of motion. The top of the neck ball is hollowed out and a dog tag chain ball was glued in. There is a magnet in the head so the head doesn't fall off. It holds really well, even upside down and the head is amazing motion.

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