Head: '01 Leatherneck
Chest/Back, Waist: '02 Headman
Arms: '87 Gung Ho
Upper Legs: '01 Big Brawler
Lower Legs: '05 Tunnel Rat


Carruthers appeared in Marvel's GI Joe #4 as one of the officers in Vance Wingfield's "Strike First" militia. Unlike the Wingfields, who wore fatigues, Carruthers wore a poorly-designed (or maybe just poorly illustrated) uniform that was a nasty combination of a zoot suit, coveralls, and a flight suit- depending on which panel is viewed.

I tried to roughly mimic the Wingfields' uniforms as seen in the comic book. With Carruthers I didn't try to duplicate the comic book, but took a few cues from it and moved forward. The double-breasted suit of Headman paired with the dress uniform arms of Gung Ho made a good upper half. The leg pieces, with the visible outside seam and dress shoes, paired with the suit component nicely. Not nearly as peculiar as the comic book design, but still in the ballpark.

Color & Paint.

Roughly taken from the comic book. I couldn't exactly match the uniform's burgundy seen in the comic book- the closest spray paint had more red. To draw the red out of the uniform and make the uniform appear a bit more brown than it really is, I made the undershirt straight red. To give the head a bit of character, the grey hair is a mixture of several shades.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I added a bit of hair to create the widow's peak and added the sunglasses. The legs were reshaped around the knees to blend together better.

Thanks for looking.

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