12" Rise of Cobra General Hawk figure, beret and belt buckle
12" GI Joe Classic Collection K-9 Patrol Set uniform (modified) and helmet
12" Hasbro M-16 ammo pouch and canteen
12" Hasbro radio set kit-bashed with a BBI handset
12" Hasbro Hall of Fame "Storm Shadow" rifle kit-bashed with 21st Century Toys and M&C Toys MP-5 parts
Dragon flight jacket
Resin Cast 21st Century Toys and BBI pouches.
M&C Toys binoculars and goggles
21st Century Toys boots, automatic pistol and holster
Bubble gum machine revolver in custom shoulder holster
Various elastic and grosgrain ribbon straps with various spare buckles

Using the Rise of Cobra: 12" General Hawk figure I created a classic General Hawk using a variety of 1/6th scale pieces. The oversized camouflaged uniform jacket was modified by cutting it at the waist but with enough length to tuck into the pants. The two lower jacket pockets were then cut from the removed portion of the jacket and added using fabric glue (Fabri-Tac) to the jacket sleeves. I did not wish to part with any of my leather like jackets but Dragon's flight jacket has a similar cut. I used a piece of the camouflage fabric cut from the other jacket to create a rank tab using two craft stars and a bit of Velcro to attach it to the flight jacket. This is where the name tab would normally go but given that the character is fictional the use of artistic license was insignificant. The rifle is kit-bashed to resemble an HK-53. I have been using various parts to create realistic 1/6th scale models of the HK-53 and HK-33 for many years and the work required would fill a whole new page. Important to making such a conversion is that when attaching a new stock or barrel/fore grip, the pieces need reinforcement at the glued joint. I accomplish this by drilling a tiny hole in each corresponding section and adding a piece of brass rod between them. Reinforced in this way, I have had these rifles survive shelf dives. Finally, the shoulder holster was made from black cloth glued over a craft foam form then I attached grosgrain ribbon and a spare buckle to make the strap. I hope you enjoy this custom figure.

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