Head: WWE Rumblers
Torso: Dollar General Snake Eyes with modified Visionaries torso for armor
Arms and legs: 25th Spirit

Lightening Sword: Chap Mei hand guard, hot glue blade, styene handle, sculpted hilt with extending styrene lightening rod
Dagger: Rise of Cobra Zartan

David "The Laser" Lazerwitz was a former Major League ball player who was kicked out of the league for steroids and on and off the field anger management issues. He found his new calling in the underground fight scene which led to his original entry in the Kumite contest.

After that Kumite loss, the fight scene just wasn't the same. He started learning different forms of martial arts including their weapons in preparation for the next Kumite. Then he waited. And waited. Finally frustrated he went to an amusement park where he picked a fight with a group of bikers. They threw him in a fountain. A fountain that was really a portal to the Denizens of the Dungeon Kumite. The Fates were able to offer him a magical lightening sword to help him to victory.

Unfortunately, nothing could prepare him for the other contestants. A human baseball thug was no match for the likes of demons, orks, or a wizard who could conjure phantom skeleton warriors and shoot energy blasts through portals. Alas, poor Lay-Zor is no more.

I've been wanting to make that lightening sword with the extending lightening rod hilt for a long time now but never had the right custom in mind to use it. The East Coast Custom Con and daremo's Heroic Quest styled Kumite gave me that opportunity. A very short opportunity. I'm no fantasy guy and my tongue-in-cheek He-Man ripoff contestant was no match in comparison to the other entries of Darkwynter, StarWarsGeek, or Fogger. I do want to point out that his face paint is based on The Baseball Furies from the movie The Warriors. I tried to translate the catcher's gear into a fantasy setting.

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