Head - POC Sky Dive
Torso, upper arms, legs - 25th Stalker
Lower arms - ROC Storm Shadow

Concept G.I. Joe Rawhide.

Ransack is G.I. Joe's answer to Cobra's Firefly. Firefly works best at night. Ransack prefers to raid and sabotage Cobra strong hold during day light. He hates hiding in the shadows and likes to see Cobra troops in panic and running for cover while he detonates his explosives. Cobra Commander was responsible for his father's death that is why his hatred for Cobra is unquenchable.

"I love animals, but Ransack's monkey named Monkey is an exemption. Monkey creates so much mess. It's like a mutant power. And the room Monkey share with Ransack, it's a jungle!" - Dog Bite

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