2008 Hasbro Cobra Trooper:
Head and body with forearms from a Hasbro muscle body
Cotswold Collectibles white sweater, dyed blue and modified neck
Hasbro boots and knee pads
Scratch-built body armor and equipment belt
Resin cast scratch-built submachine gun pouches
Resin castings of 21st Century toys utility pouches
BBI pack frame modified
BBI canteen and M&C Toys belt pouch
Cotswold Collectibles "commando" dagger and sheath
21st Century Toys RPG-7 and Uzi, repainted
Various straps, buckles and paints

"'Blaster'...? We call him 'Blastard'. I've never seen a more jumpy trooper. Sure he can fire a rocket, but after a few shots the guy bugs out. The Major won't let me transfer him though so I guess we're stuck with him." - Lt. Bombast

I drew inspiration for this figure from the 25th Anniversary Cobra "Bazooka Trooper" while trying to keep his look consistent with the Cobra Trooper I already posted. Particularly, I liked the ammo pouches on the chest of the 1/18th scale figure so I created my own pouches and added them to a body armor vest I also scratch built. To make the long magazine pouches, I made an original by wrapping and gluing fabric around a strip of styrene and adding a grosgrain cover with a pin-head for a snap. I then made a push mold of the pouch and cast it. This gives better uniformity than trying to make 6 of the same pouches from scratch. The rocket tubes were made from the little plastic water vials florists stick on the end of individual flowers. I noticed that the rocket from the RPG slid neatly into one with its stem secured through the rubbery cap. I painted the tubes matte black and dyed the rubber stoppers in black dye. I printed my own labels, adding a tiny MARS Industries logo, and then glued these to the tubes. I modified a BBI pack frame as a carrier for the spare rockets. Well, that's all for now; thanks for looking.

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