Head: Cobra Combat Ninja trooper alternate
Body: Retaliation Cobra trooper
Sword: Cobra Combat Ninja
RPG: Marauder Inc
Whip: Iron Man 2 Ivan Dranko
Claw: Storm Shadow v.2

The Blue Ninjas are supposed to be an off-shoot of an off-shoot of the Arashikage ninja clan. They favor cybernetic implants and mix it up between bladed weapons and modern arsenals. The terminator like ninjas are considered a serious threat to GI Joe, Cobra, and any remaining members of the Arashikage clan.

Ever since I found out that the extra head that came with the Cobra Combat Ninja (Retaliation Cobra trooper in the movie) was supposed to be one of the Blue Ninjas from Hama's run on the IDW Joe book, I have been looking for a cheap army builder body to put it on. As it turns out, the released Retaliation Cobra trooper has a really close likeness to the comic appearance of the cyborg ninjas and a sale at HTS was just what this project needed.

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