Head: IJ Colonel Dovchenko
Torso: ROC Ripcord
Arms, vest: IJ Henry Jones
Hands: Resolute Zartan
Legs: ROC Storm Shadow
Feet: IJ Indiana Jones


Buddy Hawks, later renamed Buddy "Clutch" Hawks, was one of Kenner's original MASK lineup. I appreciate the first figure. But it's a very dated outfit- a purple Members Only jacket over a turquoise-teal shirt... and the Walkman earphones. The Bruce Sato and Matt Trakker designs have weathered three decades pretty well, but Buddy Hawks' design hasn't. It might because Buddy Hawk's uniform was more civilian than the battle-ready utilitarian jumpsuits of Bruce Sato or Matt Trakker.

This is what Buddy Hawks might look at while working undercover, but with body armor hastily thrown on under the blazer just before a raid.

I was really stuck on how to work mix design elements of the Kenner figure into my "Now a Joe" figure, while giving it a somewhat tactical vibe. Special thanks to DarkJedi and drbindy for helping me hashing out the concept of having armor layered under the blazer.

Colors & Paint:

I had to keep the red newsboy cap, though it's a dark red now. The rest of the colors are more contemporary- or maybe more late 60's. I reinterpreted Buddy Hawks by replacing the dated purple jacket with a caramel blazer and changing the black slacks to chocolate brown.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I chopped of the top of the Dovchenko cover to resculpt it as the top of the newsboy cap.

Thanks for looking.

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