Head: ARAH Mortal Kombat Goro '95
Body: ARAH Edmund Honda '93
Arms: Big Boa '87

The head was heavily modified with lots of Greenstuff, toothpics as horns and spikes, needles as teeth and a chain ring as a nose ring. It was the part that cost me the most time of this project. The body was slightly modified cutting off the waist and adding three small rings.

Bullfrog Productions was a British computer game developer back in the good old days of classic PC gaming. They made some brilliant and famous games like Populous, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Theme Park and Theme Hospital.
In my opinion, their best game was Dungeon Keeper. You were in control of a dungeon where you had to keep, attract and train various evil creatures to fight the good side in the end of each level. The Bile Demon is such an evil creature. Extremely fat and he doesn't seem to have feet because he lifts himself up on his knuckles, kind of swinging his corpulent body forward in order to move. He fights swinging the spike balls on his horns and creating poisonous farts.
Ever since I started customizing ARAH G.I.Joe, I've always wanted to make a Bile Demon using E. Honda's body.

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