Head: 25A Destro
Upper torso, upper arms: IJ Cairo Swordsman
Hands: Rex "The Doctor" Lewis
Lower arms, waist, legs: IJ Colonel Dovchenko
Push molds from Resolute Flint and Para-Viper

Nemesis was the saboteur of RIOT, presented here as a "Now a Joe" figure. The surprisingly versatile Destro head comes to the rescue again as the starting point for the head/headwrap. Most of the body parts are from the Indiana Jones line, with the Cairo Swordsman arms and torso lending some regional desert elements to the design. The small Rex "The Doctor" Lewis hands help balance out the dainty Colonel Dovchenko lower body. The legs and waist look very slender without the original "skirt" of the Colonel Dovchenko figure covering them. Replacing the hands also makes the sleeves appear more billowing.

Nemesis has the least outlandish design of any of the RIOT villains. On some of my Eagle Force and RIOT custom designs, I've done some substantial reimagining. But my design for Nemesis is essentially a slight reworking of the Mego design. It was fun to switch gears to make a character with a more realistic design for my final RIOT character. Okay, "final" as far as the produced figures, anyway. There are still a handful of unproduced characters I'll have to delve into.

Colors & Painting:
Slightly lighter than the Mego figure, as to not be the same color as my custom Eagle Force figures' base uniform color.

Sculpting & Modifying:
The head/neck wrap is sculpted out of paper, wire, and hot glue. It's largely based on "Lawrence of Arabia" costume designs. The head is slightly tilted to the side to give a "disgruntled but thinking" looked. I originally had parted in a Swamp Rat shawl, but it limited the range of the arm movement too much. To replace it, I added several wide wrapped layers around the neck base, covering much of the shoulders and straps. The upper body and lower body were attached to each other using epoxy shaped as a textured waist harness. Push molds of Resolute Flint and Para-Viper were added to the waist harness to account for the gear that a saboteur might have to lug around.

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