Head: Retaliation Wave 2 Roadblock
Body: Retaliation Ultimate Firefly

El Viudo (The Widower) is the leader of the Free Tesoro Liberation Army, a leftist rebel militia based out of Val Verde's mountainous, central Tesoro region. He openly admits to having served as a mercenary under the country's despotic former dictator, General Jaime Sonoma a decade ago, and to having been a Cobra agent (more on that in a moment). After nearly a decade of living in hiding among the indigenous people of Tesoro, however, he has undergone a change of heart and become a champion of their cause. He adopted the monicker El Viudo after his wife and twenty-one other Tesoro activists were killed during a protest against a strip mining project that threatened to displace their community.

He is better known to the counter-terrorism community as Commander Chisholm, the founder and former commander of Swarm 11, Cobra's top-tier EEL unit and a member of the elite Crimson Shadow Guard. His mercenary work with the Sonoma administration is believed to have consisted of training and Sonoma's Tigre Negro paramilitary unit. He is no longer believed to be actively involved with Cobra, however his connections to the terrorist organization cast a shadow of doubt over his altruistic intentions.

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