Head: Star Wars Legacy Bail Organa
Torso/Waist/Upper arms: 25th Duke
Lower Arms: Indiana Jones Ugha Warrior
Legs: 25th Roadblock
Sash: inkjet cotton

There have been Sikhs servng with the British Army since 1846. The modern Sikh Regiment traces its lineage back to the 11th Regiment. This version is the modern Indian Army uniform. The first head I considered was the Legacy Bail Organa. The skin already had the perfect skin tone. I sculpted the beard, moustache and turban. I could have used the head from the IJ Thuggee, but I wanted it accurate. I knew I had a 25th Duke minus the lower arms, and I dug out a pair of 25th Roadblock legs. I had to create the pattern for the sash as I could not find it online. Forms part of my Action Man/Force inspired set.

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