Head: Clone Trooper
Hat: Cast of 25th Recondo
Torso/Upper Arms/Upper Legs/Shoes: Indiana Jones
Lower Arms/Lower Legs: Indiana Jones Ugha Warrior
Webbing Packs: Sculpted
Canteen/Backpack/Pouch: BBi
Kukri/Sheath: Sculpted and cast
Sten Gun: Action Force/Q-Force modded with Lanard MP5 magazine
Grenades: Marauder

This figure stems from a conversation I had with my father. We were talking about outfits that Palitoy should have added to the Action Man range. We were both amazed that they never made a Gurkha outfit. They have served as a unit of the British Army for over 150 years with distinction in many campaigns and various theatres of war. They have received 26 Victoria Cross medals to the regiments during their history and are famous for the curved Kukri knife.
I started out with The basic Crystal Skull Indiana Jones figure as the base. Looking through my box of heads, I found a Clobne Trooper head that was perfect. I had various BBi parts that would fit and just sculpted over a cast of the 25th Wild Bill butt pack to make the webbing pouches. I had a couple of Action Force sten guns so I went with that. The Kukri was more of a problem. I was originally going to use the long curved PTE knife. I was sculpting a sheath for it out of milliput, and I had a revelation. I was looking at a Kukri and sheath on the computer screen while I was sculpting and suddenly realised that what I was making looked more like the knife than a sheath, so I made a couple of minor changes and then made a mold and cast it.

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