Head: RoC Duke with sculpted hat
Torso/Arms/Hands: 25th Wild Bill
Pouches: BBi
Jacket waist: Star Wars Lt Jundland
Legs: Bail Organa
Sabre (sculpted scabbard): cast from Papo Sabre
MP40: Marauder

Cossack, von Jungschultz Cossack Regiment, I Panzer Army, XXXX Panzer Corps 1942 - 1943. This figure came from a conversation I was having with a friend who is interested in World War 2 history. We were discussing the direction my customs were taking, and the fact that most toy companies only seem to trot out the same German and American army figures time after time. I started thinking about the auxilliary units that the German amry used, and their allies. I immediately thought of the Cossacks and started to do some research. I found the uniform specifications for this particular look and put the parts together in my head. I went for the RoC Duke head as he has a slightly Eastern European look that I was aiming for.

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