Head/Torso/Arms: RoC Zartan
Hands: Tatooine Sandstorm Han Solo
Legs: Build'n'Brawl

I have been fascinated with the history of the 1st American Volunteer Group, nicknamed 'The Flying Tigers' for a long time. I have read the
published diary of one of the pilots and General Claire Lee Chennault's account of the China/Burma/India campaign in the air. I made a Stikfas figure many years ago, but have always wanted to make a 1:18 version. There was no bomber jacket on an existing figure that I liked, so I sculpted it. I used the patch for the Second Pursuit Squadron 'The Panda Bears' as it was the one that printed out best. The patch on the left sleeve is the CBI (China/Burma/India) patch. I went with the kepi type cap on the Zartan head as it is the type of hat seen in many of the photos of the Tigers, rather than an officers peaked cap. I got the image of the blood chit off the net.

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