Head: Star Wars Episode 1 Chacellor Valorum
Torso: RoC Duke (K-Mart)
Legs: Build'n'Brawl

As I have been making customs inspired by the original Action Man sets, I have been going through the Opsrey Men-At-Arms books looking for the unique and unusual. I was leafing through a few at random and came across the volume on Allied Commanders. Just looking at the cover, my immediate reaction was: I have to make Monty! The parts were an easy choice. I had a K-Mart Duke torso to hand and the first head I thought of was the Episode 1 Chancellor Valorum (cue shouts of "Rommel! Kneel before Zod!" ). I originally used a set of Harry Potter legs, but unfortunately they were far too short, so I fell back on a set of Build'n'Brawl. The medal ribbons, patches and epaulettes are authentic.

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