Head: 25th Lady Jaye
Torso/Arms/Hands: Comic Pack Ysanne Isaard
Legs: POTF Slave Leia
Satchel: Golden Compass Lyra Bellaq
Hat/Skirt/Jacket: sculpted

When I started doing some Action Man inspired customs, I decided that I had to do at least one female figure in the tradition of the GI Jane Nurse doll. My first thought was the Women's Royal Navy Service officially known as the Wrens which was the women's branch of the British Royal Navy, formed in 1917 and finally fully integrated into the Royal Navy in 1993. I based it partly on the character of WRNS Second Officer Anne Davis (played by Dana Wynter) in the 1950 film 'Sink the Bismark'.

I was originally going to use a Golden Compass Mrs Coulter (Nicole Kidman) head, but I found a 25th Lady Jaye head minus baseball cap in the same box. It was perfect to sculpt the hat straight on top without any modding. I was also going to add the Mrs Coulter skirt, but I could not get it to sit right, so I sculpted the skirt.

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