Heads: Cross Hairs
Officers Cap: Vortious
Flying Helmet: Sculpted
Oxygen Mask: Ripcord
Torso: 25th Wild Bill
Arms: Henry Jones
Legs: Naboo Soldier
Labrador: Papo

I have done the Royal Navy and British Army. That left the Royal Air Force. Flicking through my Action Man books, I found the Battle of Britain Pilot and RAF Working Uniform sets, but I wanted something more distinctive. I thought about adding the Tank Commander jacket to the BoB set as a sheepskin jacket. To make the heads match, I used a Cross Hairs head for bothI considered also added a dress cap to an alternate head. I have based it partly on Wing Commander Guy Gibson, VC, DSO, DFC, leader of 617 Squadron during Operation Chastise, the 'Dambusters' raid, so I got the Papo labrador dog and repainted it black.

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