Both Heads: Cross Hairs
Cap: Vortious
Woolly Hat: Sculpted
Arms/Torso: Renegades Cobra Commander
Legs: Build'n'Brawl
Greatcoat: Sculpted
Briefcase: Build'n'Brawl
Lugers: Marauder
Torch: Marauder
Barrel Extension: Marauder

The British POW/Escape Officer Action Man outfit was only available in the box set 'Escape from Colditz' It comprised of a greatcoat, woolly hat, officer's cap, trousers, boots and escape kit. It was easier to create two different heads than try to find one that I could fit both the cap and a MU knitted hat onto. I glued the accessories into the briefcase as I had a spare Luger and torch. I went through several ideas for the greatcoat, but settled on sculpting it and painting it in a German uniform grey/green, as the POWs in Colditz would have been making escape clothes from available materials.

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