Head: cast of a cast (TR101AL, Krexx, DarkWynter, Dream)
Torso and upper arms: Renegades Duke
Lower arms and legs: Kwinn
JC Podcast microphone: Cast of WWE Build and Brawl with styrene

We took TR101AL's winning Mascot figure and had the head redesigned by Troy McKie to look more like something that would fit in with the GI Joe universe. Then Krexx over at the Angel Forge sculpted the head based on Troy's turn around sculpt sheet. While Darkwynter was creating gang molds for the heads for Con, I set about making a single copy for this custom. My work is no where near as crisp and clean as theirs.

For his outfit there was only one acceptable choice, J_Man's Toxo Lab shirt design with a pair of jean shorts aka "jorts". I used solar changing nail polish for the splotches on his shirt to mimic the color changing effect on the actual shirts. Last, but not least, a cast of a Build n Brawl microphone with a thicker styrene handle for on the spot reporting duties.

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