GI Joe Collector's Club: 2009-12" "Talking" Adventure Team Commander and rifle
Cotswold Collectibles: jungle fatigues, shoulder holster, AT Sticker and short retro style boots
Action Man: vintage .45 (painted)
21st Century Toys: belt, machete and sheath
Hasbro Classic Collection: canteen with cover and belt buckle
Craft buttons dyed in weak green RIT dye [14]

This Adventure Team Commander from the Collector's Club came with a nice uniform set, but I had already made a uniform set for a custom AT Commander a few years earlier. With no disrespect to the attention to detail in the Collector's Club set, I liked the appearance on my uniform better. I posted this to the Cotswold Collectibles' Facebook album and I received some positive feedback from Joe fans. I thought I would share my techniques on this relatively simple custom uniform set.
I started this on a Cotswold figure, 'Bearded Mike', but moved it to the more official reproduction figure when I got the new figure in 2009. The Cotswold jungle fatigues were given craft buttons I dyed in weak green dye. These clear plastic buttons can turn opaque in a strong dye bath but I wanted them to stay translucent. The buttons were sewn to the uniform at two per pocket and one on each cuff. The vintage commander's uniform had buttons in a similar fashion and I thought adding these gave off that vintage feel. The 21st Century Toys Vietnam era belt was exactly the same color as the uniform but I did not use their fragile plastic buckle. I had a vintage looking Classic Collection buckle which was smaller than usual. I honestly cannot remember where it came from originally, but it was certainly a GI Joe item. It fit neatly on the 21st Century Toys belt. The other details were selected once vetted as having a vintage style or appearance. I am glad to have bought the Club uniform and I keep it stored and 'minty' fresh. But for now I want to display my Commander in this more personalized uniform.

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