Head: STTMP Decker cast
Torso, belt: 25A Iron Grenadiers Destro
Arms: NS Dusty
Upper legs: ROC Heavy Duty in reactive armor
Lower legs: 25A Roadblock
Feet: ROC Ice Viper
Helmet: Speed Racer Royalton w/push mold goggles from '86 Hawk helmet


Continuing my "Now a Joe" series, here is Ace Riker presented as the test pilot for GI Joe's research and development arm, MASK. The GI Joe character of "Ace" outdates MASK's "Ace Riker" by a few years, and certainly Kenner and Hasbro never thought the two toy worlds would overlap. But they did, so the Joes have two pilots named Ace.

The more popular Ace Riker design was the first one, featuring Ace Riker in casual attire including a furry collared bomber jacket. It's a good design that other customizers have already perfected. This pushed me to use the flamboyant second design. It's an eyesore. Someone at Kenner thought it would be interesting to use lots of silver, gold, and charcoal amidst a mishmash of garish plating, tubes, and cylinder shapes. I put together parts that roughly give the same horrible idea, which could best be described as an "intentional train wreck". It was a great way to move junk parts out of the parts bin, too.

The strange helmet comes from the Speed Racer line. It's peculiar and ugly enough to work with the rest of this custom.


Based on the Kenner action figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The cape/cape anchor and bladed armor panel were removed from the torso. The tubing was added. The head is a custom cast. The goggles are push molded from the '86 Hawk helmet.

Thanks for looking.

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