Hasbro: Retaliation; Battle-Kata Roadblock main figure
Hasbro: Katana (Snake Eyes) and Squad Automatic Weapon (Steel Brigade)
Detail parts form Marauder's, Hasbro and a Dollar General USMC figure set (manufacturer unknown).
Paint, pins, super glue gel, etc.

I bought the Battle-Kata Roadblock but after unpacking the figure, I found myself bewildered by the accessories. It seems these handles with knuckledusters clip onto a bludgeon and a variety of knife blades and hand guns. I guess it's kinda cool albeit overly complicated. Too, I thought those bulky leg holsters made the figure look too awkward. Anyway, I decided to modify Roadblock with a more traditional set of battle gear. I kept the handles and knife blades, but I ditched the big stick on his back for a katana. He has an Arashikage tattoo so this does not seem much of a stretch. I cut a pouch and a pistol holster from the legs of a non-Joe figure I found at Dollar General and glued those to Roadblock's thighs. The ammo-tray looking holsters I removed are earmarked for another project. Lastly, I did not intend to use that .50 caliber machinegun as his primary weapon. I had several SAW machine-guns but they needed detail work to use on Roadblock. I had to make the shoulder stock shorter so that the figure can hold it somewhat realistically. There are collapsible stock attachments for these weapons so I looked around until I found on I liked. It was cut from an oversized rifle from the same USMC set I took the leg pouches from. I pinned and glued this to the weapon after cutting off the "slide and turn" style shoulder stock. The ammo box and holographic sight are from Marauder's and I cut down a .50 caliber ammo belt offered with Kwinn to make a short belt of short rounds glued from the feed aperture to the ammo box. I painted some parts green in imitation of the figure's black and green color scheme. Now Roadblock has a personalized weapon he can actually hold.

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