Head, legs: Resolute Scarlet
Torso: 25A Lady Jaye
Arms: NS Lady Jaye
Feet: IJ Colonel Dovchenko
Shotgun: NS Era Shotgun


This is the first of Mego's unproduced Eagle Force figures I've translated into a "Now a Joe" custom. Ruby would have been the first female RIOT character. She was to be a biker, so I picked out parts that roughly reflected, but updated, the design by Paul Kirchner. In the early 80's a biker uniform based on "The Wild One" might have worked, but 30+ years later, it would have looked more like a Halloween costume than a contemporary biker. The spikes on everything were also taken away.

The broad shoulders of the New Sculpt figures are generally best to avoid, but in this case they added some needed bulk to the design to offset the huge Scarlett noggin.

Colors & Paint:

Completely speculative, though it seems likely that black leather and blueish grey denim would have been likely choices for Mego to have used. With the name "Ruby", it also seems a given that she would have had red hair. The most difficult part was avoiding the need to give the figure green eyes, which is the most complementary color to go with red hair. This is the first time I've painted a redhead and not used green for the eyes.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Scarlett hair was removed. Instead of a biker hat, Ruby now sports a simple skull cap. The skull cap and ratty, slicked-back hair are sculpted. To give the t-shirt under the vest some definition, it is also a sculpted piece instead of simply being a paint line.

Thanks for looking.

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