Cobra Bazooka Trooper - Base Figure
ROC Storm Shadow - Lower Legs
Cpl. Breaker - Elbows
Mace Windu (Unsure which version) - Head
Hrcheck Kal Fas - Hands

My COBRA zombies are based on the infected from Left4Dead, and were a fun way to use up some fodder. Most of these parts were ones I had laying around, I tried to only use existing fodder for my zombies without having to obtain new parts. They're quick and dirty but I'm pretty happy with how they came out, especially as a set.

I had fun trying to make the COBRA uniform recognizable but disheveled. I also discovered brown makes a far more convincing gore than dark reds and dirtied up the hunter quite nicely. Also in researching the head (using the helmet to evoke the hooded look of the L4D hunter)I learned that hunters have no eyes!

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