Shipwreck - Hands
Sgt. Bazooka - Boots
Cairo Henchman - Toes
Gamorrean Guard - Lower Arms, Hips, Legs
Dexter Jettster - Torso, Upper Arms
Orn Free Taa - Head

My COBRA zombies are based on the infected from Left4Dead, and were a fun way to use up some fodder. Most of these parts were ones I had laying around, I tried to only use existing fodder for my zombies without having to obtain new parts. They're quick and dirty but I'm pretty happy with how they came out, especially as a set.

I had fun modifying the legs and feet to make it look like his toes were bursting out of his boots. This was one of those customs where I wasn't sure he was coming out like I wanted, but when I got him painted up I was quite happy with him. I think he could use a little more bile dribbling down his shirt, perhaps.

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