Army Of Darkness - Head
COBRA Bazooka Trooper - Upper Torso, Upper Arms
Duke - Lower Torso
Geonosian Warrior - Forearms, Thighs
Nikto Gunner - Hands

More COBRA Infected! These are, for those of you who didn't see the first batch, mashups of COBRA soldiers from GI Joe with the Zombies from Left4Dead. It's a fun project to keep me busy while I plan out more complicated figures, and a nice way to use up fodder that might not otherwise be utilized. I gave myself a rough "no buying new parts for zombies" rule for my first two batches, but after 10 or so I might need to replenish some parts. I don't think this batch is dynamic as the first, mainly because I think the L4D1 designs were more visually interesting than the L4D2 designs (and this batch is mostly L4D2 infected).

The Crawler isn't a specific L4D Infected, more of an "true zombie" in that he appears to be pretty far gone. But the Crawler is a staple of the Zombie Genre, so I was happy to make one for this "wave" of figures. I think Compound Z is probably a little bit Rage Virus, Green Flu, and the T-Virus (among others) mixed together. There's room for classic zombies and modern infected in my world.

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