Head - lockdown resculpt hair to fit hat and change glasses type
Torso - flame kamakura
Forearms hands - ghille long range
lower legs - v1 long range
Feet - destro
Coat - temple tracker spirit
Hat - my little pony ponyville sweet deliveries
Tie - nylon

General Flagg was the executive sponsor that founded the G.I. Joe team. He saw a need for a highly trained special operations group to confront foreign and domestic threats the regular military had no concept of. His focus was to take individuals that already had excellent abilty but troubled records. Culling most members from pending court martials and discharges, he wanted a unit that had something to prove but also held the values of its inspiration. Flagg served with a man named Joseph Coulton, his service record held equal amounts of high comendations, blackout restrictions and protocol breaches. Flagg also worked several missions with him during his freelance Adventure Team days. He had his unit of misfits assigned to a joint military facility that was on the books for closure. From there they made the PIT into their base of operations. Ultimately this would be where he would spend his last days. He started a legacy that would grow beyond his own vision.

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