Head - arctic duke
Horso arms hands - commando snake eyes
lower legs - gung ho
Jacket - 12" wild bill
Helmet rifle -paratrooper duke

Lt. Col Clayton Abernathy lived a privileged life and thus felt that he should return in serve that he had received. Graduated top of his class at West Point. Highly skilled strategist and earned excellent marks as a ranger, infantryman, pilot and artillery marksman. His ideal of commanding from the front garners respect and admiration from those under his command. His traditional military career became sidetracked by a series of chance discoveries. A grassroots militia, a forgotten world tyrant dismissed as legend, a secret cabal of Pentagon Generals all lead to makibg him a very high profile target. The unique use of a rotor to end a mass murdering drug lord's reign eared the nickname Tomahawk. As well as a court martial and prison time. En route to his judgement his transport was attacked by unknown assailants that he and his guards and driver dispatched. Agents of some terrorist organization that had ties to the incident in Brazil. General Flagg approached hom with an offer. Command his special unit and he would take care of his immediate problems. He would adopt Hawk as his callsign since Clayton Abernathy was still a wanted man, for now. After General Flagg's death, the destruction of The PIT, The G.I.JOE team was passed to Generals Austin and Sharpe their missions becane slightly more worldwide as well. Over time Hawk would eventually be clared of his charges and become the overall commander replacing General Austin.

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