Head . Jakks pacific rocky v george washington duke
Upper body forearms . Shipwreck
Waist . Gung ho
Upper legs holster pistol . Strike armor duke
Lower legs feet . Camo long range
Hands . Duke
Beret . Lt stone

If anyone was brave enough to say it aloud, Lonzo Wilkinson could have been described in a single word prior to his joining the military. Warlord... after years of turf wars and brutal domination of the urban sprawl of Detroit, something awakened within him that made him just up and leave. He enlisted and never looked back. He is fiercely loyal to those that prove their worth and earn his respect. At was was to the end of his tour of duty he was assigned to a LRRP where he met two such men. None of them knew their worlds would be come so intertwined. As They inspired him to take the offer to extend his tour. His reenlistment included a stint as base operations coordinator along side a brass favored Lt Colonel and a CIA spook name Provost. A string of bombings and sabotage allong the outskirts of the base led them to investigate a group of insurgent agents. Unwilling to talk Lonzo grew impatient and some if his heavy handed tactics from his prior life arose.They found the bombs as well as all of the insurgent agents, preventing hundred of deaths. However charges of brutality and breach of convention rules would lead him before a UN tribunal. He would spend the next year in prison for doing what was needed to save lives. His sentence was cut short as he was released to the care of General Flag and his also reputable "Tomahawk" as thier first recruit into a special operations response team. When asked for his input on other recruits he already had two such men in mind.

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