Head: custom cast by iwbeta
Body: PoC Iron Grenadier
Arms: Iron Grenadier Destro

I was one of the ones who was in line at JoeCon when the Darklon and Sgt. Major pack sold out. So not willing to spend $160 for them I did what all good customizes do and made my own! Changed the parts used and found a great cast head that really makes the character stand out.

Darklon is a distant cousin to Destro. He started out working with Destro but grew tired of taking orders and not given enough power. He then struck out on his own, taking a small number of disgruntled Iron Grenadiers with him. After several years he was able to overthrow a small European nation and renamed it Darklonia. He now is a competitor to Destro and Cobra in the international arms market.

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