Grand Moff Trachta - Torso, Hands, Belt
Cade Skywalker - Coat
Colonel Vogel - Arms
Cobra Commander - Lower Torso, Legs
Capt. Ace - Helmet
Dusty - Head

Chronophiles: The Reich Stuff is a series of alternate history action figures I made for a sculpture midterm while working on my BFA. I think it was one of my more successful attempts at bridging the gaps between hobby, craft, and art. Those are actually incredibly loaded descriptors, and a lot of my time in school was devoted to exploring how we navigate those labels, when they're helpful, and when they're limiting. C:TRS was also a means of exploring who gets lionized and who gets demonized in history, and who does and does not get representation when popular culture explores the past.

Lindbergh lacks any documentation other than a crumpled photograph of himself. I leave it to the viewer to decide why he's decked out in red and black, and who's angry hand crushed the photo.

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