Red Skull (Winter Soldier) - Base Figure
Zartan - Head (under helmet)
Cobra Shock Trooper - Mask
Cobra Trooper - Helmet
Croc Master - Air Tank
Roadblock - Upper Legs
B.A.T. - Lower Legs
Rock 'n' Roll - Gun Stilts
Lightsabers (various) - Mouthpiece and Lenses
Arcee - Leg Blades

Expecting just another cheap found footage horror flick, I was VERY surprised with how much fun I had watching Frankenstein's Army. It had been a while since I remember seeing a horror movie with a group of interestingly designed "monsters," and something about it reminded me of series like Ghoulies, Puppet Master, and Gremlins, much more than it's found footage genre. The creature designs are pretty wonderful, and while not quite on par with the original four Cenobites, they're much more interesting than most of the later Hellraiser offerings, and not too dissimilar in spirit.

It was a fun watch, and I started to take a crack at "Mosquito Man", but decided to take it in my own direction as the figure evolved.

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