Head- Snake Eyes 05
Torso- Duke 92
Right arm, waist and left leg- Cobra Commander 01
Left Arm- Shockwave 92
Right Leg - Cross Country 86
Walter P 38 pistol- Marauder Inc.
Sword- Agent Annika
Sheath- custom
Guandao- Ninja Battles 05

Cobra de Ouro, Portuguese for 'Gold Cobra" is an original character inspired by foreign exclusive characters and was created as the companion custom to my other Cobra Mortal custom using opposite colors,(gold and blue).

The background of the mysterious operative called Cobra de Ouro is largely unknown. He is the new partner of the notorious COBRA agent, Cobra Mortal, and has become the newest asset to COBRA's operations in South America. In addition to being an expert marksman, Cobra de Ouro is highly skilled with edged weapons and is proficient in various forms of martial arts. He wears gold reflective body armor and wields an array of unusual and exotic weapons, most noteworthy are a modified gold-plated Walther P-38 pistol equipped with specialized ammunition and a guandao, an ancient Chinese bladed pole weapon. Cobra de Ouro was recently seen in the United States together with Cobra Mortal in connection to the assassination of a South American diplomat.

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