Hasbro 25th Anniversary Tiger-Force Flint: head, hands and web gear
Hasbro 25th Anniversary Duke, jet-pack version: body
Marauder: M4 carbine with shotgun and details, knife and sheath, and Desert Eagle pistol
BBI: binoculars
Various castings of web gear items

I wanted a 1/18th scale version of my 1/6th HOF Flint custom, which makes this custom effort a tribute to a 12" or the other a 12" tribute because a smaller Flint came first or ...something. Some Hall of Fame figures have well matched Real American Hero counterparts (or is it the other way around?) but I have never seen a 3 3/4 inch Flint in the same tiger camouflage that 12" Flint was issued. Well, I wanted one and I tried out painting this pattern on a 25th Anniversary figure. I painted Flint's beret green and moved the head to the Duke body. I used Duke because the off-white shirt and olive paints were two of the three colors I intended to use in the tiger camo scheme. I painted jagged diagonal bands in Folk Art Olive Green to the shirt and the same in Folk Art Warm White to the pants. Finally I added black horizontal bands and stripes to both pieces for the tiger stripe effect. The Marauder M4 was re-detailed using a Marauder scope and laser illuminator. The Marauder knife sheath was modified to fit on the figure's thigh better and painted. I have castings of a variety of good, small pouches and back packs from different manufacturers which I used to bulk up Flint's field gear. After everything was painted and sealed, I ended up with a decent Flint "Mini-Me" for my 1/18th collection.

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